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We help businesses and institutions build great people-centric organisations whilst innovating their services and products. We help optimise their operations through a multiplier effect, which looks at the inter-play and sum of human talent, business strategies, processes and activities.

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About Us

nfactorial is a leading niche strategy and management consulting firm. We have grown our client base throughout the SADC region, with successful engagements in Botswana, Lesotho, Nambia, South Africa, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

What We Do

We work across a number of key sectors; with expertise in Water, Energy, Information Technology and Education.

We work with large corporates, governments, developmental organisations, as well as startups to help them make better evidence-based and data-driven decisions, build effective teams, re-engineer and simplify processes, re-define market opportunities, innovate and sustain growth.

We advise African businesses and organizations on important global shifts, macro and local trends, enabling them to be agile and responsive.

Our Clients

  • Akweni Project Management
  • Copper Belt Energy
  • CSCP
  • Freestate Dept of Health
  • GIBS
  • Namibia Dept of Justice
  • North West Premier
  • Orasecom
  • The People Business
  • SADC
  • WOZA

Strategic Thinking, Process Mapping, Design Thinking & Agile Development

Our methodology mix enables us to think differently, unearth innovative solutions, move quickly and measure results. We deliver bespoke solutions that are needs driven not trend driven.

Deep Thinking

Building a great business is an iterative process, one which relies on constant interrogation and re-aligment of the value proposition presented to customers, partners and stakeholders. Businesses perform better when they are in tune with the shifting dynamics of their internal and external environments, as well as their ability to quickly embrace and adapt to new realities.

All this requires DEEP THINKING. Thinking that is not afraid to face the realities of ever changing economic, political, social and environmental landscapes, as well as the disruptions of industry practices, governance frameworks and business models. Deep thinking results not only in the understanding of the challenges, but in forging new possibilities given the constructs out of the business's control.

News Item 01

Why Smart Cities need a sustainable innovation model

Smart cities promote sustainable symbiotic ecosystems, responsive to climate change. They facilitate easy, affordable movement of people and information. They enable their citizens to interact, collaborate, learn, create, work and socialize.

News Item 02

Why are banks so slow to innovate?

Despite their own awareness that traditional banking is rapidly being disrupted by telcos, retailers, fintech start-ups, new distributed financial systems and cryotocurrencies, banks still remain so slow to re-engineer themselves to face this competition. A shift in mindsets beckons.

News Item 03

Embracing Africa's Development Corridors

Whilst many businesses look too far afield for inspiration and cues, looking closer to home may hold the answers. With Africa's increased urbanization and growing demand for infrastructure, economic development corridors offer a wealth of business opportunties and access to new markets.


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